Scratch parts have become a big part of gaming in the UK – but until recently the concept of anything other than card lotto tickets was unrealistic. However, the advancement in online gaming software means that digital online scratch card is now a reality – delivering one of the coolest new generation gaming niches in recent years. Check them out and get scratching for jackpots!

Digital scratching

Online scratching does its best to replicate the innate satisfaction of using a coin to remove the lovely silver and gold foils on classic cards. In fact, some games offer digital coins, while other have a similarly fun click and scratch functionality. It has to be said that the latest online scratches are seriously fun and the nice feeling of tension and is full-intact. After a while, you’ll forget all about classic cards – because the online versions are arguably better! Just take a look at some of the cool features:

  • Cool graphics, 3D elements, animation and sounds – bringing cards to life!
  • Fun themed scratch cards and frequent new releases
  • Play 24/7
  • Cards from 0.01 to 50.00 plus!
  • Play super-fast auto scratch games, or chill out card by card

Scratch payout power

Scratch cards deliver a fair lotto style payout system, with paybacks in the 95-98% zone on a regular basis. However, when it comes to big jackpot, scratches can really power-up your gaming bank, with payouts worth thousands of coins and hundreds of thousands in real money! Scratch payouts are generally always based on a combination of coin size and number – triggering bigger potential payouts, as illustrated below.

  • 1 coin scratch win: 1000 coins
  • 2 coin scratch win: 2000 coins
  • 3 coin scratch win: 3000 coins
  • 4 coin scratch win: 4000 coins

Naturally, the coin value then makes a huge difference to your payout in real money:

  • 10 coin x 4000 coins = 4000.00 payout
  • 00 coin x 4000 coins = 40000.00 payout

Scratch card boosters

Scratch gaming is based on fun and luck – and every regular gamer will get frequent wins, even if it’s only low value payouts under 10.00. However, with zero skill involved in scratching, is there anything you can do for more fun and success? Fortunately, while it’s not really possible to use scratch card skill, there are many simple tips which can be used when gaming.

  • Play for fun and remember you’ll have hot and cold sessions
  • Define how many cards you’re going to play per week
  • Use level stakes, such as 0.5 per card
  • Never chase scratch card losses with high value cards
  • Split your scratchy fun into several weekly sessions, such as 4 x 20 cards

You’ll find the deluxe online casinos offering endless sign-up bonuses, meaning you can sample the scratch power for free.