Keno gaming has a neat twist that instantly makes it a little unique and dare I say it – even playable with a strategic edge! Essentially, every lotto game in the world is generally all about those lucky numbers – get enough of them and you win! However, if you get a little frustrated when another gamer wins with your lucky numbers, or you get landed with a card full of ‘evil numbers’, then the magic of keno gaming could be your ticket to more fun! You see, keno lets you decide your own gaming future, by allowing you to select your own numbers!
So, with keno – you can select any number you wish (keno cards generally hold 4-10 numbers) from 0-180! Just think – you can build a ticket that contains your birthday, anniversary, lucky number, plus random instinct selections!

Keno with a strategy?

Ok, so you can select your ‘lucky numbers’ – but can the pick your number feature really let you play the game with a strategic approach?
The truth is possibly, yes! Simply put, if you can find hot numbers, then you can mark them down on your keno tickets. Naturally, you need a way of locating the hot numbers for the system to have any chance of tempting fate.
Fortunately, help is at hand with 888 casino strategy known as the Andrucci ‘order among chaos’ theory; if you’ve ever wondered why some parts of the pavement get soaked during a rain shower while other bit stays dry, that’s order among chaos at work! In relation to keno, the order is represented by numbers that win frequently during a keno session. By using the live report page to see these hot numbers, many gamers swear they boost their strike rate!
What’s more, the fun and potentially the rewards of online keno can be boosted with other simple strategies – check them out.
Multi-ticket keno – boost your hopes of keno payouts by gaming with 2 or more cards. The more cards you select; the more chances you have to win. Adding hot numbers can make this strategy even more powerful. Just remember, you’re never guaranteed to win with keno!
Number series keno – why not use strings of consecutive numbers on your keno tickets, like 12, 13, 14 and 22, 23? It’s amazing how many lotto games are won with number strings – it’s almost spooky!

Keno payouts

Hitting big online keno wins can be worth hundreds of thousands, just like in the deluxe Las Vegas parlors. Many casinos pay out for bonus numbers and an array of mini keno combos – so everyone always has a chance to sample the delights of a keno win!

Keno bonuses

With some cool no-deposit bonuses available at the best online casino parlors, you can sample the magic of online video keno 100% free – and even scoop Vegas style wins! If you’re looking for a lotto game with a real Vegas vibe, it has to be online