The Marvel progressive jackpot slots have always been a popular feature at the Omni Casino. However, the Omni Times recently announced an additional reason to wager on these games.

The Marvel Progressive Jackpots

The $700,000 payout is for the Marvel Ultimate Power, the highest level of jackpots. Currently the Marvel Super Power progressive jackpot is at $60,000 and growing. Finally, the Marvel Extra Power and Marvel Power jackpots feature jackpots that are much lower.

The Marvel Jackpot Round

The jackpot round at all online Marvel slot games is randomly triggered. When this occurs the player is guaranteed to win one of the four aforementioned jackpots. First, the screen will display a 4 x 5 matrix which each cell hiding the logo of one of the jackpots. Players are then required to reveal the cells in the order they choose. The jackpot level that appears in three cells will be won by the player.

Top Ten Slots of the Week

The Omni Times features the top ten slots of the week, many of which are from the Marvel brand. To further prove the success of Marvel jackpots, the Omni Times stated to ask a former player who has won over GBP 35,000 in Marvel progressive jackpots at the casino since 2010.

Double Your Fun Promotion

In addition to the high Marvel progressive jackpots, beginning August 4th, 2011 the casino is offering the “Double your Fun” promotion which focuses on blackjack. The first 15 hands dealt to each player on that day a blackjack table will pay 2-to-1 if natural blackjack should occur. This is a huge improvement from the usual 3-to-2. Also, high rollers that wager at least $15 per hand will receive 2-to-1 payouts for the initial 25 hands.
Unfortunately, the extra payouts will not be given immediately. Instead, winners must write to the customer support staff prior to August 5th with the subject line that reads, “2 to 1 BJ please.” However, there are no wagering requirements for the release of these extra payouts.
Omni online casino offers many excellent promotions throughout the year. The upcoming blackjack promotion with the high Marvel progressive jackpots are sure to attract a crowd to wager on their games.